Swift Cuvée #8 in Huon's Top 12 Aussie Sparklings!

Posted on November 06, 2013 by Dave Swift

Best Australian Sparkling Wines.
Good Food - 29th October, 2013 

It's hard work for Australian sparkling winemakers to compete today with the great bargains in direct-imported champagne, but there is plenty of life in the local bubble business. Like any wine styles, the best are created by passionate, determined people who are more driven by a desire to make great wine than lots of money. Happily many of my picks are between $30-$40, which is still cheaper than most fizzes of the imported variety.

Hardys/Arras continues to lead the charge here with its brilliant fizzicist Ed Carr in the driving seat, but it's encouraging to see small family-owned enterprises like Printhie and Deviation Road having a red-hot go. This is my top dozen pick from my most recent tastings.


8. Printhie Swift Cuvee Brut, Orange NV, $40 (bottled July 2011; two years on lees)

This is a fresh, fruit-driven wine with verve and vitality. It's pale-coloured, with a clean bouquet showing spice and subtle passionfruit, with modest age and yeast-development. It's youthful but good, with attractive flavour and zest, the liqueur nicely integrated into a seamless whole. Delicate, fresh, clean and balanced for drinkability.

Food: Crab and avocado timbale. 12 per cent alcohol. 91/100.

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